1. "Heres to the kids who care more about music notes on a piece of paper, then anything else in the world."

  2. Some pointless colour things that may or may not be relevant



    So we all know that colours are written in the format #000000 and a while ago I saw a thing about how #246010 is this colour and this happens:



    So then, because I’m investigating juxtaposition, I wondered what colour ‘246010’ is backwards, and I am so angry right now because #010642 is:


    And you’ll never guess what the goddamn costume department did



    That is a+ costume design and I am slightly in awe.

    Juxtaposition and colors

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    1. director: do you want to run it again?
    2. all but one kid: NO!!!
    3. one kid: YES!!!
    4. director: ok let's run it again

  3. the-misadventures-of-lele:

    in PE and you’re catching the ball in front of your crush


    I watched this about 10 times before reblogging.

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  4. epicconductingphotos:

    How to Conduct a Final Bar with Mariss Jansons

  5. the story teller
    the chamber music mastermind
    the romance king



    the manuscripts of the masters: classical music


    I love this post

    what was beethoven doing on his manuscript

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  6. drumcorpsdreamer:

    There is a lovely woman by the name of Sara Flatow, she’s a producer in LA and she grew up in Orlando, FL! She was in band from middle school to high school and she’s creating a documentary about the importance of music education. This isn’t some plain old ordinary music documentary guys, if Sara reaches the funding goal she will send every single member of Congress a copy of this film.  This is so important because those are the people behind the budgets for our arts programs! She’s really serious about raising the awareness about the impact of music education and it would mean so much to a lot of people if you would donate towards the making of this film and help raise awareness for the production of this film! It’s so important that people start finally realizing how important music education really is to students and to the community and it’s seriously important that something gets done about these outrageous budget cuts to our beloved arts programs.

    Here’s how you can help:

    • Like the page on Facebook! And don’t forget to invite your friends!
    • Learn more! This is the web page for the film, SPREAD IT LIKE WILDFIRE to raise awareness and educate others about the importance of this film!
    • DONATE! There are 19 more days to donate towards the making of this film! Give what you can and if you can’t then share this post to someone who can!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and share this post! ♥
    I really hope this film can happen, it would mean the world to a whole lot of people and hopefully this film can change the way people see marching band and music education forever.

    Let’s make this happen.

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    I’ve paraphrased what my band director had told us in response to complaining that there wasn’t enough pictures in the yearbook.

    This is raw stuff. Because, as he said, band is paramount in all of students’ memories. Band is “the soundtrack to their high school career.”

    The soundtrack to their high school career.

    We blared out our school’s fight song as students walked onto campus for possibly the first time, and we are going to blare out our Alma Mater as they walk among their high school diplomas. Keep that in mind the next time you see your high school band or remember them.

    The more I think about this, the deeper it gets.

    It’s one of the reasons I do what I do. Beginnings and endings.

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    This girl is going places

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  9. "When you first join band, it may seem a little pointless. It’s the second month of your first year of middle school and you can only think “It’s been 5 weeks already and I can only play 7 notes. What’s the point?” You might not see the point now, but do not quit. You will get better, you will learn more notes. And before you know it, it’s a year and a half later and you’re going to your first MPA. You’ve spent hours and hours preparing for this. You are nervous, but do not quit. You are ready. You’ll walk out of the sight reading room drenched in sweat, legs shaking from the anxiety, short of breath, feeling like you’re about to collapse, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Two months later and you sit in your room crying because that excerpt from your concert music that you’ve been trying to get right for 2 hours just does not make sense. But do not quit. Someday this piece that you cry over will be your warm up. Flash forward two more years and you’re at your first football game. As you play the last note of your last movement, you get chills all over your arms. “Amazing,” is all you can think. The crowd goes insane. This is what you live for now.
    There will be times when you feel like this sort of hobby you have come to love is too hard. You will think it’s tiring and difficult. There might even be times when you want to give up, because the song you’re working on just doesn’t speak to you like everyone says it should.
    But do not quit, because in the end, it’ll be worth it. I promise."
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    Words of wisdom from someone who has lived it.

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    I love this guy

    I love this guy too.

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    Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

    Don’t forget that the church was literally so impressed they gave him a medal instead of imprisoning him or executing him

    Mozart only needed to hear a piece once to play it better than the original. And on top of that, they believed all his music to have been created by someone else, not this kid, so they locked him in a tower for a period of time (forget how long) with only music paper. When they came back all the paper was filled and he had written on the walls as well. AND ALL THE MUSIC WAS PHENOMENAL. how much more perfect can you get than Mozart? If you want to know more: watch the movie Amadeus. It’s historically accurate but also funny at times. Watch. it.

    so he was the first to illegally download a song

    And for those of you that would like to hear the first illegally downloaded song that the Vatican kept a secret for so long because it was “too beautiful for human knowledge” You can find it here.

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    1. My history teacher: your homework comes before your band and flags
    2. Me: HA
    3. Other flag girls: HA
    4. Entire band: HA
    5. Band director: HAHAHAHAHAHA *makes practice longer*
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    I was analyzing music for class tomorrow when THIS happened…

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