1. magnificenttrumpet:

    The Unbelievable Genius of Mozart

    Finale of the Jupiter Symphony. A five voice fugato in which all the themes weave together in the last minute and a half of some of the most epic composing to come from head to pen to paper in the history of symphonic writing. It’s pure genius that leaves me breathless every time I hear it or study the score. I take this to the podium in two weeks. Mozart…

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  4. augmented-flute:

    Spongebob understood what band is all about…

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  5. I like to think of ways that all the instruments can fit together to make a giant robot.


    - The 13th Chair

  6. thatkidnamedkylon:



    The famous double helix

    UNF Michael Gaines.


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  8. trumpetjoy:

    Perhaps I should re-name myself trumpet then?

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  10. swyatt04:

    Home is somewhere you feel safe. Home is somewhere you feel loved, unconditionally, and supported. Where you can be yourself and never have to worry about being judged or ridiculed. Where you have a family that stands behind you and defends you. Where all your favorite memories are made, and where you go to alleviate the pain of the worst. Where you can express your passions and dreams and they will always be met with acceptance.

    For me, home is the band room.

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  11. scoutshonordoc:

    The 1979 Madison Scouts tenor line

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  13. paytothetato:

    Band director made us a to-do list

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  15. sarah-sings-her-life-away:

    one of my favorite tempo markings

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